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The Context

Sometimes in life and work, we lose our way a little and it becomes hard to know where we are going.
These times variously cause pain and stress in our lives and leave us with an overbearing sense that there is another, better state of being that we could be experiencing.
In sum, we've lost touch with "who we are" and we just seem to be a long way away from it! 
"Nowadays, we're closer than ever
to everything we want,
but we've lost touch with Who we are"
Recent findings in the field of positive psychology opened new paths of understanding in this area.
Here would be the reasons why:

- We have a natural appetance to Nature (The Biophilia thesis),

- but grew in a context of constant urbanization, (The Modern World and the Ancient brain)

- and while we believe in various forms of humans intelligence, such as our kinestesis intelligence, the intellect has became the number 1 driver of our decisions (The Intellectual empire).

These 3 concepts are further detailed in the 3 below sections.

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