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My Approach


Accompanying people in finding their essence by inviting back Nature into their life."

"Nature lays within each of us. Invite it back into your life. Take the first step and let Nature do the rest!"


My Approach


I aim at accompanying Humans in not just having, but in finally "Being". My goal is to leverage knowledge that i gained form the field of psychology and coaching, along with the experience of nature to support your individual quest.

"Human as the central ressource

of the process

and Nature as a medium".


The Holistic coaching approach

This approach is a human centric approach. It means that it takes Human as the central ressource of the process.

Indeed the Holistic coaching appraoch, integrates all humans dimenssions in its journey.

Within the session we will touch base with each of your dimenssion, from intellectual, emotional, physical, energertical to spiritual.

Getting to reconnect with all your dimnessions will help you integrate your full potential and recover your unity.

Positive Psychology & Nature Therapy

I also nurture this process with the latest findings that I've learned in the field of Positive Psychology and Nature therapy.

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