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Me & my intentions

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Who am I ?

My name is Morgane, I am 34 and passionate about Human development and Nature. 

I started my life pursuing a communication career. One day, sailing on the open seas, I experienced Awe. 

And as I was walking back to the shore realized how much this experience had brought to my life journey. Purpose, meaning, a sense of belonging and faith in what I cam and what is to come.

Through the variety of outdoor experiences that I've lived, I came to the conclusion, that nature was helping me reconnect with myself, helping me sens, make sens, reflect, act and grow.

Since then, reconnecting people to their Nature using the support of Nature as large, has become my life journey and this drives each and every one of my daily steps.

" my eartHeart is a wordplay that highlights that Earth and Heart are closely linked. In this anagram, the H letter is central and connects the two.

Emphasizing their deep connection. Dependent from one another, tightly linked by an invisible string."

As a student at the University of Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge (UK), I focus on the field of Positive Psychology, a new field of psychology that focuses on human flourishing through evidence-based studies.

I particularly drive my attention towards Nature and on the benefits of human reconnection to it.  

Here I get the opportunity to dig into the most recent scientific researches in the field while applying this knowledge into concrete interventions and tools.

As a Holistic coach to be, I am enrolled in the Danielle Brault International certification program, held in Lausanne (CH), where I get to mutualize both my positive psychology knowledge and the concrete coaching tools and process that this program offers.

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Deep ocean lover


I love to sail on  the Leman's lake where I live.

I also enjoy sailing accross the Atlantic ocean and along the Brittanic coast, where I feel deeply connected to the elements and thrilled by the Ocean power.

living this journey, this outdoor adventure, I have had the opporunity to experience "awe", a transcendence experience, that has helped me evolve, find meaning and flourish.

I aim at sharing here the key to such experiences and to provide insights onto the scientific findings that lays in this field.

I believe in  our profound connection to Nature and its healing power.


Sometimes when searching for the greatest of adventures, we end up finding ourselves along the way."

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