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The Intellectual Empire

The Context //


What if Nature could bring us back to the essence of who we are?


We as human beings are multi-dimenssional beings. Our dimenssions are physical, intellectual, biological, emotional, spiritual, energetical, psychological...

Unfortunately, the world we grew in, was mainly interested and focusing on our intellectual dimnession.

The Intellectual empire

Our schools, where we spent most of our childhood time, and our workplace where we spend most of our adulthood, keep encouraging the development our abilities into a unique and universal direction: brain development.

Forgetting that we are multidimensional beings, born with physicial, emotional, spiritual, energetical abilities.

Through years of understimulation, we've lost touch with those, as well as with the Nature.

Both of what makes us unique on Earth, our profound essence.

The Nature connexion is rooted in our evolution and less stimulated trhough the modern worl, .In this context we've also more used our brain and under cultivated what makes us unique, our mutlidimnessional abilities. (intellectual, but also physical, emtional, energetical, spiritual abilities).

"Nature lays within each of us

and I take the mission

to reconnect you with it!


Nature, a space for mobilizing our skills.

Being in contact with nature makes our senses, our body and our mind work in ways different from the extremely standardized ones imposed on us by urban life or everyday life at work. In terms of our senses, contact with nature makes us look, touch, feel, hear and stimulate us in a way that the noise of the city or the context of the offices does not allow. On a physical level, it often makes us use different muscles, a different form of motor and presence here again. Finally on the mental plane, being in nature makes us dream, think, reflect, recognize, observe ...


Contact with nature forces us to mobilize skills and activate resources that everyday life does not always allow to mobilize in an artificial environment. It is thus a stimulation and a complete exercise of remobilization of abilities that bears fruit in the whole of everyday life. Regular contact with nature, therefore, is the possibility of having expanded experiences and stimulations to better develop and stay in shape. For all of these reasons, we see that nature does us good and has only benefits!

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