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The Modern World

The Context //


What if we had spent the last century unraveling the string that ties us to Nature?


While today, 1 on 2 habitants on the planet lives in a highly industrial and urbanized area, our genes still live and express through their 10 000 years of evolutions, as if we were  still living and acting in a stoneage village.

The Modern World and the Ancient brain

Taking the 10 000 years of human development history on a meter scale reference, the industrial revolution happened 1cm ago, and the digital revolution just about 1mm ago. 

Nowadays, we get to see in 1 day, more people than we would have seen in our entire life.

We get to eat food we would have never been able to grow or catch based on our location.

We get to focus on our brain ability and loose complete track of our inner abilities (Spiritual, energetical, emotional, physcial)

As a results, it is easy to understand and aknowledge that our brains are designed to live in a 70 people village of hunter-fisher-gatherer, were humans have been for more than 90% of their development history. We are not prepared for the life we live in today, and suffer deep in our genes, our profound nature disconnection.

"Our brains are designed

to live in a 70 people village

of hunter-fisher-gatherer".

Nature disconnection, a growing challenge in the world today

Because of our technological advancements and more time spent inside buildings and cars, it is argued that the lack of biophilic activities and time spent in nature may be strengthening the disconnect of humans from nature.


A hunter-sinner-gatherer's brain

The human brain is a complex machine resulting from a long process of evolution. However, this brain that has developed over millions of years evolves much more slowly than the living conditions of the human being. Thus, the majority of human beings in Europe today are urban people accustomed to living in a largely artificial environment. But our brain is still largely that of a hunter-sinner-gatherer of the green steppes of our prehistoric origins. In this respect, our brain is largely conditioned by a relationship to nature and the environment that refers to this space of life that was our ancestors.


"Our Brain is programmed

to react positively

to green and bleu colors"

DSC_5817 (2).JPG

Our brain is thus programmed to react positively (feeling of fullness, security, appeasement) when it is in an environment presenting the characteristics of this first biotope. These features include the soothing and well-known role of the color green and the color blue, the presence of water, the absence of excessive noise and movement, the possibility of benefiting from covered space and an open vision, the songs of the birds ...

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